Orthopedic Physical Therapy requires an in depth knowledge of the neuromusculoskeletal system and the art of applying that knowledge using hands on and exercise based treatments to influence optimal recovery. At Urban Physical Therapy, we have over 20 years of experience with the rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries.  Whether you have had a minor strain or sprain or a major reconstructive surgery or  joint replacement, we have the knowledge and experience to treat these conditions appropriately and efficiently. 

Through years of working closely with orthopedic and neuro surgeons across middle Tennessee, we have gained knowledge and understanding of current surgical procedures and the appropriate rehabilitation following them. Additionally,  we possess a large data base of postoperative rehabilitation protocols developed to safely and effectively progress your rehabilitation. These protocols are implemented by your therapist in communication with your physician to promote optimal and timely return to function. 

Utilization of advanced manual therapy skills and supervision of exercise programs which may include specific stretching, strengthening and core exercises while under the care of your physical therapist, can help facilitate a speedy recovery.  If necessary, the use of modalities such as interferential or high voltage electrical stimulation, ultrasound or cervical/lumbar traction can also be beneficial to reduce pain and muscular guarding so one can reach the ultimate rehabilitation goals. Collectively, the use of skilled hands, an appropriate exercise program, modalities and the guidance and knowledge of your therapist can aid the healing of your orthopedic injury be it traumatic, chronic, acute or post operative.