Sports medicine is an area of rehabilitation involving athletes that is similar to traditional physical therapy but accelerated to promote timely return to sports. Rehabilitation of the passionate weekend warrior or seasoned veteran athlete involves specific progression of activity on a timeline that will safely promote healing while allowing maximal function and return to sport specific training. 

We have worked closely with local area high school and college athletes either on the field of play or in the clinic assisting with the recovery from a sports-related injury.  Whether you have been sidelined by a severe ankle sprain, ACL reconstruction, rotator cuff repair or Tommy Johns surgery to the elbow, we have treated the condition with great success allowing a safe and speedy return to athletics.  We have seen and treated athletes with various injuries from some of the most prominent sports medicine surgeon's in Middle Tennessee as well as from some of the nation's leaders in the field of sports medicine.  We have their postoperative protocols available and can implement these accurately resulting in improved outcomes and when applicable expediate return to play.